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Australsk Terrier

Our first introduction to the Australian terrier was  when we visited a show. We had recently lost our dachshund, whom had to be put away only 4 years old due to a slipped disc. We all agreed that the house was too empty without a dog and we started looking for a breed of the same size without a typical hereditary disease.

We had taken out some dog books from the library, which we read in an attempt to find the right dog for our family, but it was not until on the show when we became acquainted with Tatongs Australian terriers that we all agreed that we had found our future breed.

How we all enjoyed the day our new little Aussie puppy Mikki moved in.



We have never ever regretted our choice! and half a year later we "picked up" a playmate for Mikki - today we have got 6 aussies in our home.

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We live in the countryside and our garden is fenced completely so that the dogs can be safe and have free run. From where we live it's only 10 min. walk to the beach, so we often take the dogs there  - they really enjoy it !!!!!

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