Kennel Kisamba

Australsk Terrier

Name       DKCH,KLBCH, INTCH Tatong's Wrapped in a Riddle

          Best Aussiebitsch of the year 2004  and 2005                        

          Eyes OK - checked 10.03.05 and 09.03.06  - marts 2007         

Born         22.03.2003

Colour       Blue and tan

Breeder:         Jill Grenaae     Owner: Irene Lindahl Thye, Lerbjergvej 60, 5500 Middelfart


Father:    Bearstep's Tonganoxie     USACH FINCH
Mother:   Tatong's Fickle Finger of Fate   DKCH DKKVo2
Granparents   Farfar

Bearstep's Tahlequah   USACH

Farfar's far    Bearstep's Shoshoni Chief   USACH
Farfar's mor    Bearstep's Classic Rock
Granparents   Farmor   

Bearstep's Auntie Em   USACH

Farmor's far    Crestwoods Fair Dinkum Dandy   USACH
Farmor's mor    Bearstep's Jowillie   USACH
Granparents   Morfar  

Tatongs Inner Circle

Morfar's far    Selandia Galaxy Kid   FINCH  DKCH
Morfar's mor    Tatongs Bloody Mary   DKCH
Granparents   Mormor   

Tatongs the Devils daugther

Mormor's far    The Farm's one Hell of a Devil  USACH
Mormor's mor    Avocation Double Action

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