Kennel Kisamba

Australsk Terrier

Name       KISAMBA'S Sparkling Cocktail      DKCH KLBCH KBHV11  INTCH  Simba                           Dog
Born            10.01.2009

Colour           Blue and tan

Breeder:       Irene L. Thye

Owner:       Irene Lindahl Thye, Lerbjergvej 60,   5500     Middelfart

Patella21.05.10    0/0            Øjenlysning : 10.03.10  OK

Father:    USCH Brinogue Red Hot And Blue  bl/t
Mother:   Tatong's Wrapped in a Riddle DKCH KLBCH INTCH     bl/t
Granparents   Farfar

Brinogue Moon Walk

Farfar's far    USCH Tatong's Eclipse Of The Moon
Farfar's mor    Brinogue Easy Money
Granparents   Farmor   

USCH Brinogue Red Hot Pepper

Farmor's far    USCH Lodiah Red Hawk
Farmor's mor    USCH Brinogue's Last Of The Redhots
Granparents   Morfar  

USCH FICH Bearstep's Tonganoxie

Morfar's far    USCH Bearstep's Tahlequah
Morfar's mor    USCH Bearstep's Auntie Em
Granparents   Mormor   

Tatongs Fickle Finger of Fate DKCH DKKV02

Mormor's far    Tatong's inner Circle
Mormor's mor    Tatong's The Devils Daughter

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